About us 


Guesthouse and Cafe U Náhonu is situated in a quiet and romantic part of Chrudim in Soukenická Street. In front of the building there is a former millrace and above its surface you can find a small summer terrace. There you can have a glass of Zlatý bažant beer during hot summer days or when the weather is not so favorable you can get a cup of great coffee. To make the atmosphere complete you can listen to the whir of the water in the millrace. Up on the fortification there is Mydlářův dům (building) known for its legends and nowadays it houses Puppetry Museum. If you walk up several steps and go through a bit mysterious „mouse hole”, you will get to the historical centre of Chrudim. If you walk the opposite way, you can get to a small shopping centre Borzna and then to the train and bus station.


What we provide


In our guesthouse we offer accommodation in 6 rooms with hygienic facilities. In our cafe you can have breakfast and get a glass of wine, a cup of good coffee or a glass of cold beer in a quiet and cosy ambience.


There is free Wi-Fi connection in the whole building!


Parking is possible in front of the building.


Arrival at the guesthouse


There are two ways how to get there:

1. you can come from Theatre Karel Pippich along the millrace or

2. you can come from Palackého Avenue along Havlíčkova Street.


Soukenická  157  

537 01  Chrudim 


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